The Perfect Travel Outfit For Men

Mens Travel Outfit1. Outerwear
Bulky coats are the enemy when it comes to travel.  Save yourself from stuffing your coat into an overhead compartment by wearing a nylon coat that folds up to fit in small spaces.

2. Unstructured Blazer
A blazer is one of those must bring items for any stylish man but blazers are often hard to pack.  An unstructured blazer that doesn't wrinkle is a great alternative to a constructed, traditional blazer.  It’s less restrictive and more versatile.

3. Light Button-Down Shirt
A cotton button down shirt is business-appropriate, yet comfortable and airy for long flights.

4. Soft Jeans
Wear your old reliables that are so worn, they’re virtually non-existent or go for the more sophisticated look of Cashmere jeans.  They are more forgiving than regular denim when you have to sit for hours.

5. Sneakers
We call them all-purpose sneakers; the lightweight, adaptable kind that matches a professional outfit but that you can workout in later.

6. Socks
Wear breathable socks in a pattern that still looks fashionable.  Breathable is the key word here.

Men’s Outfit Travel Tip: You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

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