Travel Tip: Helpful Packing Apps

Packing for a trip can be tedious and altogether overwhelming.  Having to organize your life and plan ahead for whatever may come you way could also be downright scary for some people.

Being prepared and packing smart can ease your woes and make for a much more enjoyable experience.  And that’s where the following apps come in handy.

Stow app – Let’s you quickly make custom packing lists or customize a list from a pre-made template.  You can even create and save templates for trips you take regularly.  Smart packing adjusts your list based on trip dates, the weather, people you are packing for, and if you plan to do laundry.  Just use the checklist feature to make sure you have all your items packed and you are good to go!

Packing Pro – A detailed packing list that is comprehensive and fully customizable.  You create packing lists based on the number of adults, children, and days of travel, and you can filter it by bags or travelers.  The app also has a categories section where you can break down your packing list even further.

Mammut Packing List - This app is geared towards the outdoor traveler or camper.  It's great for planning a camping trip because you can simply share it with others in your group and easily designate who is bringing what.  Once you've marked off all the items on the list, your trip can begin!

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