Get A Text From Your Lost Travel Bag

TrakdotGlobaTrac, LLC recently launched an awesome, innovative new product to track your lost luggage. The Trakdot is a 3” by 2” device that you drop in your bag before you board. When you fly, Trakdot knows and goes to sleep until you land, when it reports its new location using an embedded radio receiver. Depending on your set preferences, a text-message or email is sent to you confirming that your luggage has arrived with you.

Trakdot alerts you where your bag is in a 30-foot radius, which is less accurate than GPS. However, the Trakdot is cheaper than a GPS and runs on a pair of AA batteries for up to one month.

Currently you can purchase a TRAKDOT HERE for $59.99 plus $21.98 for activation and a year service plan.

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