How to Pack a Travel Bag

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Whether you are taking a vacation, heading out on a road-trip or being shipped away on another business trip, one question always arises; What Do I Pack? Typical worries follow; how many pairs of shoes do I bring, how many outfits will I need, should they be fancy or causal, what is the best way to transport sensitive items, such as toiletries and medicine?

Prior planning can make packing a travel bag just another small step in the traveling process and less of an epic pain.

Step 1: Make a detailed list and don't leave anything out, including toiletries, medications, and travel documents.  Determine the amount of outfits you need.  Pick clothes that you can easily mix and match, so items can be worn again.  Check items off the list as you pack them to ensure you don't leave anything behind.

Step 2: Make sure you pack your clothes properly.  We suggest rolling shirts to save space (unless you are going to a remote location without an iron).  Pants should be folded in half and laid along the length of your travel bag.  Shoes should be put in a plastic bag and placed on the side(s) of your travel bag. Use the insides of your shoes to pack socks.  Toiletries should also be placed in leak proof bags and away from clothes.  Liquid toiletries and laptops should be easily accessible at security if carrying-on a flight.

Step 3: To reduce volume, limit the number of shoes and bulky clothing you pack.  We suggest wearing your bulkiest items on the trip to save travel bag space.  Pack all liquid toiletries in 3.4 oz travel sized containers.

Step 4: Look up travel regulations and security.  Check with the Transportation Security Administration ( to confirm items for carry-on and checked bags.  Electronics, medications, legal/travel documents and other valuables should always be packed in your carry-on.

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