1882 Duluth Pack on eBay

We just couldn't resist blogging about this.  Right now, an 1882 Duluth Pack Patented "Poirier Pack Strap Sack" is listed on eBay.com for, get this, $66,023.75! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that's sixty six THOUSAND dollars.  The seller describes this bag as the “holy grail of camping/hiking equipment”, being it was handmade in Duluth, Minnesota by Camille Poirier himself, the pioneer of the company today known as Duluth Pack.  What a better way to prove your time-tested quality and guarantee than to have a 130-year-old bag on the market?

To learn more about this historical bag, Click Here!


Buy your own Duluth Pack Original #3 for just $250.00!


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