Introducing.... Floto Imports
Leather & Canvas Travel Bags & Accessories!

District Grain is thrilled to announce we now carry Floto Imports leather and canvas travel bags! Floto Imports opened its Italian factory doors in 2003 with the philosophy “older is better”.  Since, they have handcrafted travel bags, duffel bags, briefcases, messenger bags, and wallets for travelers the world over.  Floto has redefined old style leather craftsmanship to produce the highest caliber leather and canvas travel bags.  Artisans use only the finest Italian calfskin leather and textiles to create timeless and iconic bags for modern travel.  Floto travel bags are meant to be lived with and thoroughly enjoyed, which helps to create a rich, unique patina.  Scuffs, worn seams and soft leather will make these bags even more appealing than before their first use.



Floto travel bags have been featured in numerous movies and magazines.  A Floto Imports briefcase was featured in The Amazing Spider Man, when main character Peter Parker discovers the briefcase containing his father’s work.  His findings eventually lead to his transformation into Spider-Man.  Floto Imports have also been featured in popular magazines, Marie Claire, Life&Style, New York Magazine, Self, Lucky, Destination Weddings, and many, many more.

Here at District Grain, we would like to feature one of our favorite Floto messenger bags, the Floto Forum Messenger Bag in saddle brown leather.  This stunning bag was designed with help from Floto Facebook fans and customers from around the world, making it truly one magnificent bag. Click to shop the Forum Messenger Bag

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