How To Spot an Authentic Lumbersexual

In the mid 2000's, everybody was buzzing about "metrosexuals”.  I’m sure you know the type; these hot guys in touch with their feminine side aka the straight man who left you confounded.

Well say farewell to that semi-confusing look because for the past year men have been about a different style trend.  If you like manly-men, it’s time to make proper acquaintance with the "lumbersexual.”

Who is he you ask?

1. He's the medieval weaponry wielding testosterone-filled stud, who is the ideal mixture of a male model and Paul Bunyan.  No, he did not just come off The Game Of Thrones set.  He is a real man living in society today.

2. His beard is fuller than your stomach on Thanksgiving.

3. He smells of scotch and campfire smoke, for you presume he just spent the last week in the wilderness slashing down pine trees with a vintage axe.

4. He wears plaid, and not only in the colder months.

5. On the off chance you asked him to create a wooden object, he would grab the closest log, whip out his pocket knife and create you a masterpiece with his bare, callused hands.

Now, with any major trend, there will dependably be fakes. Like the guy who invites you on a camping trip to the mountains but as the sunsets he loses his sense of direction and gets you both lost. The same guy who will then lead you to a patch of wild berries and as you eat them you become deathly ill with food poisoning.

How can you avoid this and spot a genuine lumbersexual?

6. Look for the Duluth Pack logo on his backpack. If a man is truly an authentic lumbersexual, he will have a 100% handmade in the USA, guaranteed for life, Duluth Pack strapped to his back.

Duluth Pack Lumbersexual

So gentlemen, if there is any chance you plan to grow out your facial hair and transform yourself into a lumbersexual, buy a Duluth Pack first. It’s the only way to guarantee your acceptance as a lumbersexual in 2015.

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