5 Top Reasons Why You Should Buy The Duluth Pack Wanderer Backpack

The Duluth Pack Wanderer backpack is undoubtedly one of the best backpacks in the market today. This is evident from the backpack's key features, the variety of color options, and lifetime guarantee you get when you buy the backpack. There are also tons of positive customer reviews on the web about the backpack. In case you are interested in more in-depth information on why the Duluth Pack Wanderer backpack is the best overall backpack in the market today, look no further. Below are 5 benefits aka all you need to know before buying the wanderer backpack.

1. It is handmade by one of the best backpack companies in the USA

The Duluth Pack Wanderer backpack is handcrafted right here in the good ole’ US of A by Duluth Pack, one of the best (and oldest) companies for making high quality canvas and leather backpacks. The company has been operational since 1882 establishing a very solid reputation based on unmatched quality and time tested craftsmanship and hardware. Duluth Pack has a reputation for making some of the best handmade backpacks, briefcases, luggage bags and purses in the USA and the world at large. Nothing more needs to be said. The mere fact that the Wanderer backpack is a Duluth Pack product is a good enough reason why you should consider buying the backpack.

2. Superior quality

You should also consider buying the Duluth Pack wanderer backpack because of its unmatched quality. On top of the backpack being made by Duluth Pack, a company’s whose name is synonymous with high quality backpacks, the backpack is made using thick high quality and durable canvas. Furthermore, the backpack features high stress seams and leather reinforcements for all rivets. If you want a canvas backpack that lasts for decades without suffering any serious damage or wear and tear, look no further.  This is it.

3. Superior design

The Duluth Pack Wanderer backpack also stands out because of its superior design. For instance, the backpack has a 15 oz canvas construction (measures 16 by 15 by 6 inches in height, width and length respectively) plus pockets. The box style design featuring many pockets on the front and sides of the backpack makes it very spacious. The backpack also has superior comfort design features such as cotton web shoulder straps. The Wanderer also has leather reinforcements for all rivets as well as high stress seams. If you’re looking for the best backpack in the market in regards to design, the Wanderer backpack is undoubtedly the best choice for you.  People tend to ask, what is the best use of this bag?  Well, because of the spacious design, it is perfect for hikes and overnight outings.  However, the longer you use this bag, the more you will find yourself taking it out for day to day activities.  Many of our customers have said it has become their go-to backpack for carrying almost everything.  It truly is the jack of all trades, and master of everything.

4. Color variety

The wanderer backpack is also perfect for you if you are looking for a high quality handmade canvas backpack that comes in a variety of colors. You don’t have to be confined to the common waxed canvas color as is the case with most high quality canvas backpacks in the market today. You can choose any of the 16 color options offered for a backpack that is truly unique to you.  There is a color for every day, every activity, every style.  We don’t want you to feel limited by color choices, so pick your color or buy one of each!

5. Lifetime guarantee

Guys, here is the kicker.  This backpack, you know, a product that can go through some hardcore use in just a matter of years, is guaranteed for life.  Buy it simply because you get a lifetime guarantee when you purchase the backpack. Lifetime guarantees are unheard off in the backpack industry because of how backpacks are used i.e. to travel and carry heavy luggage which makes them susceptible to damage. The fact that you get a lifetime guarantee when you buy a wanderer backpack is testament to the backpack’s unmatched quality and durability despite being reasonably priced at $220. 

With a lifetime guarantee and all the above reasons, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t buy the Duluth Pack Wanderer Backpack today.


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