Duluth and Mossy Oak Camouflage Pair up for the Ultimate Hunting Bags

Mossy Oak Duluth Pack Rambler PackHere at District Grain, we have always strived to give you the best lifestyle pack supplies and lead you to the highest quality of bag brands in the world today. And so, we are excited to share a bit more about two of our favorite brands joining forces to make some of the ultimate hunting gear available.  What brands, you may ask? But of course Duluth Pack, a respected name over the decades as a leader in creating fine-quality canvas and leather bags and Mossy Oak, specialists in camouflage gear. Every canvas bag designed by Duluth Pack is now available with the camouflage option.

Duluth Pack Long Bed Roll Camouflage Mossy OakAs the leader in luggage, including outdoor luggage gear for over a century, Duluth Pack knows a hunters needs inside and out. Their bags are not only within the more stylish ranges of outside gear, but also the more practical. Each bag is designed thinking of pragmatic requirements, such as easy access to binoculars, water and tools. 
What Exactly Makes the Duluth Pack/Mossy Oak Bags The Best Hunting Packs?

The materials used and the design makes them ultra-durable. All rivets and seams that receive high amounts of stress are re-in forced with premium leather. Once again, showing Duluth’s reputation of blending quality and durability with the utmost class and style.  

The Materials include canvas and premium leather, and the bags do not skimp on these throughout.

Mossy Oak Camouflage

Ordinary army camouflage is outdated. Mossy Oak camouflages have a range of different colors and textures to help you blend in to the point you may lose yourself if you are not careful.

Duluth Pack Camouflage Mossy Oak BackpackWondering what camouflage selection Duluth Pack uses?  It's so perfectly named "Obsession".  This design is a collection of leaves, branches and other items like acorns and the moss covering them.  It's intended to give the appearance of contrast and make the disguise the hunters silhouette. Perfect for hunting within greenery, this design contains the sparse leaves and bark textures of the forest surrounds.

Although Mossy oak go to great lengths for the Hunter that doesn’t want to be seen, there are times a hunter does, in fact, need to be seen.  For these occasions Duluth has the Hunter's Orange canvas, making sure he is never missed.

So, whatever your specific hunting needs Mossy Oak has the camouflage technology and Duluth, the durability. Try these camouflage designs next time you order your Duluth Pack for the ultimate hunting experience.

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