America's Best Cities for Winter Travel

There are different reasons why people take part in winter travel, as there are two types of people in this world; Some who love the cold and snowy days, while there are others who look for warmer climates when winter sets in. Luckily, the USA offers both travelers vast options as there are no limits to the cities they can travel to for an unforgettable winter vacation.

Below are some of the best cities that you can look into if you are planning a winter trip. We divided them into warm weather locations and cold weather (i.e. skiing/snowboarding) locations for your personalized list.

Warm Weather Locations
America's Best Cities for Winter Travel - Warm Weather Locations
Honolulu, Hawaii

This is one of the most welcoming cities in America. It is the capital city of Honolulu and it is nothing short of amazing. It is one of the ideal locations for a person who wants nothing to do with the cold and snow as it sings a song of summertime. You will definitely enjoy the world class beaches that just scream out total relaxation as you experience the joys that come with the Hawaiian culture, it is a great location for families and couples.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This is one of the ideal locations for people who are looking to soak in the sun. Sunny and beautiful San Juan is full of cultural interest, incredible foodie destinations, and most importantly it is affordable. Although this may not be the first city that pops into your mind, you can be assured that it has plenty to offer. A place where you can just pill up a beach chair as you enjoy the gorgeous sunset sipping on your favorite cocktail.

Phoenix, Arizona

This should be one your list when considering USA travel. It is considered one of the most unassuming cities where in the winter, the sun is normally diluted in a pleasant manner to offer individuals balmy days where they can take part in a number of activities such as shopping, pro-sports, visiting museums, exploring restaurants, and other incredible outdoor activities.

Houston, Texas

This is the 4th largest city in America and it offers lots of pleasures for the winter season. It can be described as a multicultural pick and mix where ethnicity rubs shoulders with sophistication. Museums here are renowned for their musical offerings. There are some quirky neighborhoods for antique and art browsing, while the food ranges from Venezuelan empanadas to outrageous hamburgers.

Cold Weather Locations
America's Best Cities for Winter Travel - Cold Weather Locations
Salt Lake City, Utah

This is the number one choice for America's favorite travel city during the winter. It gives visitors a wide range of options when looking to access snow sports. You can stay in the capital to enjoy the Urban life and you will only be half an hour away from the Wasatch Mountains and all its winter playgrounds. The university population here gives it a youthful vibrant feel and it also boasts a thriving cultural and art scene.

Aspen, Colorado

This is also known as Winter Wonderland as it offers people a great winter vacation destination. The beautiful scenic mountain is carved straight from a snow globe and features picturesque mountain chalets that are hugged by the amazing Colorado Rockies. There are numerous ski resorts that you can choose from to have a good time. There is more to winter sports in the city including fascinating museums, high-end shopping, fun festivals, and funky galleries.

Anchorage, Alaska

This is a city that was once referred to as a tent city. Nowadays it is one of the top travel
destinations for people who are looking to discover the snow-capped peaks of the mountain ranges that surround the city. This city offers perfect skiing and snowboarding resorts. It is also important to note that it is a paradisiacal home base for many skiers. In addition to this, it also boasts a wide array of attractions such as shops, nightlife venues, museums and a great zoo.

Concord, New Hampshire

This makes it a great winter vacation destination thanks to its proximity to a number of ski areas. The 6 ski areas within 50 miles of the city offer great adventure for all experience levels. Other activities, you can take part in here during the winter, include skating, ice fishing, ice climbing, and dog sledding to make certain you have a memorable time out there in the snow.

Have you planned any of these vacations above? Have you ever traveled to one of these winter hotspots? If you have, we'd love to hear your stories, advice, and tips! Post them in the comment section below.

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