City Style: Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Backpack

Whether you are a student or hard worker in corporate America, there are times when you will need to carry some stuff in a bag. For most people, brands like Jansport and LL Bean first pop into their mind. But why be ordinary? Why be ordinary and have a lesser quality bag? Why be ordinary and have a lesser quality bag that isn’t guaranteed for life? That doesn’t make sense. Does it? Today, you need a new bag that can stand up to the test that is life. A bag that people will stop and ask you where you got it. A bag that allows you to still answer that question 30 years later. Duluth Pack has been lifetime guaranteeing bags since 1882. They sure are a company that withstands the test of time.

Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Backpack Burgundy Street Style

Washington, DC Street Style:
Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Backpack in Burgundy

Pictured is a Duluth Pack enthusiast living in Austin, Texas and visiting an old friend in Washington, DC.  Her Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Pack in Burgundy Canvas fits right in on the busy city streets. This product is available on our website with free shipping and a lowest price guarantee!

Now that you’re ready to ditch your tired, old, worn-out bag. Want to learn more about the Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Backpack? The bag has cotton web shoulder straps. With such shoulder straps, you are able to carry a lot of weight in your bag and still feel comfortable carrying the bag around. Another key feature of this bag is the burly, thick canvas from which the main structure is made. While this canvas isn’t considered “waterproof” it does not rainwater penetrate through the canvas to your things inside. How many times have you gotten to work or school to find a key document wet and wrinkled? This thick duck canvas will stop water in its tracks. Time to ditch the standard zipper that comes on most backpacks. The Scoutmaster has some roller buckle closures. These closures just make sure that even when you are walking on busy city streets, nobody can open your bag without you noticing it. This canvas backpack has a snap hook attached inside the bag with a zipped pocket beside it. This zipped pocket will offer you enough space to keep your wallet, phone, and even in some cases, your car or house keys so that they can be secure.

Whether you are working or just prefer the street style way of carrying stuff in bags, this bag offers each one a great opportunity to carry their stuff in. Just by looking at the above features, you are not only guaranteed a comfortable way of carrying your stuff around, but also guaranteed a secure way of doing it. Never again should you suffer from affects of strenuous shoulder straps or even wet documents in your bag. All these issues are solved by a simple purchase. Get your Scoutmaster Pack today and join other people who are enjoying the benefits of using this bag in all the major cities of the USA.

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