Top Men's Christmas Gift List

Is shopping for a gift for the man in your life a chore? Don't worry, you are not alone. Guys are hard to shop for, and it seems like unless it involves just the right mix of leather, motor oil, electronics, or sports, most guys will just politely say “thanks,” then bury it in the darkest recesses of the closet, never to be seen again. So, how do you find the perfect holiday gift for that man in your life? District Grain has the solution with our top 4 Men's Christmas Gift List. 

  1. Duluth Pack Leather Sportsman Travel Duffel Bag

You can gently hint that it is time for the man in your life to get back to the gym in the most macho way possible with this super tough duffel. And really, if any kind of luggage is more macho than the duffel bag, we don't know what it is. Unless it is this Duluth Pack Leather Sportsman Travel Duffel. This stylish and rugged leather duffel bag features buckle style closures and is perfect for a trip to the gym or around the world. Best of all, just like a man, as this bag ages it grows more distinguished and develops a beautiful natural patina. 

  1.  Duluth Pack Roll-Top Scout Backpack

As the scouts say, “Always be prepared!” This beautiful pack gives every man a way to carry all of his essentials without feeling like he has a “man purse.” Great for bikers, commuters, or walkers, this stylish, retro-chic pack has a top that can roll down to accommodate smaller loads, or roll up to maximize storage. The pack rides snug against the back to minimize annoying rubbing and to keep the wearer from knocking over passers-by if he turns too quickly. Guaranteed for life and made in the USA, this bag is ready for anything.

  1. Floto Imports Parma Briefcase

Traditional briefcases are for sissies. They never hold enough, they wear out super fast, and they make a man feel like he should be shopping for matching high-heels and eye shadow. Enter the Floto Parma Briefcase. This thing is huge, and will have plenty of space for all of your man's papers, lunch, tools, or whatever else he chooses to carry. Constructed of soft, natural leather that develops a unique patina as it ages, this bag will last forever with no hinges or sharp edges to wear out. This bag fairly screams manly while still carrying an air of sophistication. An outstanding gift for any man.

  1. Parson Gray Sidecar Dopp Kit 

The perfect mix of value, function, and form, the Parson Gray Sidecar Dopp Kit is an ideal gift for any man. Perfect for the traveler needing to carry personal essentials, the bag can also double as a portable tool bag, lunch bag, or can serve as any sort of all purpose carry-all bag. Made of crosshatch cotton canvas with a leather wrist handle and accents, this bag looks tough and will never be mistaken as a “man purse” (unless someone is looking for a smack down). Affordably priced and sized for action, this bag can do almost anything, go almost anywhere, and will quickly become one of your man's most prized possessions.

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