Give Your Favorite Hipster A Duluth Pack Laptop Scoutmaster Backpack This Christmas

Duluth Pack Laptop Scoutmaster Backpack in Red

Laptop bags are thick, black, styleless things we sling over our shoulders that just get our prized electronics from A-B, right? Something non-descriptive, bland, and practical. In your everyday person, this is true but not for hipsters; for them a laptop deserves to be transported in a bag with an edge, one that will be noticed. If there is a trendy student or professional in your family you feel could do with a nicer laptop bag, perhaps an IT nerd of a nephew or a teenage granddaughter that has some “unique” tendencies, why not buy them a Duluth Pack Laptop Scoutmaster Backpack this Christmas?

Why are these Duluth Packs so cool?

There are a number of reasons why this hipster backpack is so adored. Style naturally comes into it in a big way - there are far too many colors to name here but it is worth browsing to find the one that suits their tastes. There is also the use of material and authentic American manufacture that gives it an edge. The bags originate from Minnesota, which means there is no hideous "Made in China" label or fear of a relationship with a sweatshop. Your recipient's conscience can be kept clear. It’s been said a Duluth Pack's looks only get better with age and wear (why have something that looks brand new when you can have something that looks vintage) and buyers say they have received compliments both on the trail and in the city for its appearance, which highlights another great selling point.

This laptop bag may be cool but it is reassuringly practical too.

The Duluth Pack Laptop Scoutmaster Pack is the larger, beefy version of the scout pack - measuring at 17 x 14 x 5 inches - and as well as being ideal for laptop transportation, it is seen as a reliable backpack when out hiking and traveling. In fact, one reviewer said they were so impressed they wanted to use it on their world travels! The padded laptop sleeve is the key selling point here but it also has tough leather straps, roller buckles, waxed canvas for waterproofing, and a zippered pocket for other items like keys, a phone and a wallet...unless your chosen recipient still prefers to keep their wallet firmly attached to a chain, that is.

The Duluth Pack Laptop Scoutmaster Pack is the ideal Christmas gift for the lovable hipster in your life.

Yes, there is perhaps some irony to all these youngsters leaping on this one trend and it still being cool but it seems that either it is not too much of a mainstream hit yet or hipsters are just too in love with it notice. Perhaps your hipster grandchild, nephew, etc. is over Christmas (or is Christmas hip and cool again?….who can keep up); the point here is that this hipster backpack will be greatly appreciated. Bring them a bit of Brooklyn via Minnesota this Christmas with all the style that will make you the cool aunt or grandparent but with enough practicality that you don't feel guilty about splashing out on what could have been a risky fashion item.

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