The Duluth Pack Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel Bag Is The Ideal Travel Companion For Many Thanksgivings To Come

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this means a number of traditions need to be upheld - mainly involving family. Most of us will have a big meal to plan for and many relatives to see and, for many of us, this will mean a weekend away and a long journey back home across state lines in cold and early hours. To make the journey and the chore of packing more bearable, we need a reliable, homely piece of luggage.  Luckily, the Duluth Pack Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel is one of the best Thanksgiving travel bags around.

Why is the Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel Bag such an ideal travel companion?

Understandably, most sales pitches for this Bison Duluth Pack Duffel Bag focus on the animal, concepts of frontiers and the sense of expedition - all of which is neatly tied together with the trademark moose logo. This use of premium leather is enhanced by the strong, yet decorative leather straps and handles. This is a duffel that instantly says travel and adventure.  While a long weekend at home for Thanksgiving is only a dangerous expedition if you have bad snowstorm or dodgy travel companies to contend with, it is still a wonderful companion for long visits and long journeys. Its full capacity is 2,904 cubic inches so there is plenty of room for clothes and other essentials and it also has zippered pockets for securing smaller items. One buyer said they were pleasantly surprised to find that what initially looked like a weekend bag easily held enough for a week.

This Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel certainty has a great sense of style but there is something comforting and familiar about it that makes it perfect for traveling home; bright and garish suitcases are great for holidays abroad but you need something soft and tactile for those journeys back to the home-state in winter, something you are happy to rest your head on when you need a pillow as well as a bag.

What makes this Duluth Pack duffel so special is it will see plenty of future Thanksgivings with you.

Remember those old battered suitcases our ancestors used to carry around, where every knock, stain and sticker told a story of their travels? This Bison Leather Sportsman’s Bag, in its way, is a modern, stylish equivalent. Every scuff and crease of leather will just be another story to tell. The use of bison leather means that it ages beautifully but remains tough enough to sit beside you on long car and train journeys for years to come. This wear and aging will be aesthetic rather than damaging and just adds to the sense of it being a beautiful item. Also, buyers have no concerns about its durability with many mentioning the great craftsmanship and others going as far as saying they they hope to pass it on to future generations.

The Bison Leather Sportsman’s duffel really is the perfect Thanksgiving travel bag.

Many bags and pieces of luggage are little more than nice looking containers with few requirements of them other than some weatherproofing and a good capacity. The Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel Bag is different; it still has all the practical aspects needed but there is something about it that means you will form an attachment to it. This is the ideal piece of luggage for traveling home this Thanksgiving.  The memories you will create with it will mean you wont want to use anything else when the holiday rolls back around.

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