Turn Your Duluth Pack into the Perfect NFL Tailgate Backpack

Are you ready for some football? WE CERTAINLY ARE! Heading into the 2nd week of the 2014 NFL season, it’s time to scream, shout and show your favorite football team some love. Transform you Duluth Pack backpack into the ultimate NFL tailgate accessory by following this simple step-by-step guide. We’ve even included some NFL tailgate Duluth Pack backpack examples for the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, and Oakland Raiders.

Step 1: Buy a Duluth Pack backpack that fits your style and matches your favorite NFL teams color. Hint: Almost all Duluth Pack Backpacks come in 16 different color canvases. Click on the style backpack you like to see it in more colors! Browse Duluth Pack Backpacks Here

32 NFL teams and matching canvas colors:
  • Arizona Cardinals- Red Canvas
  • Atlanta Falcons- Red Canvas
  • Baltimore Ravens- Waxed Canvas
  • Buffalo Bills- Red Canvas
  • Carolina Panthers- Great Lakes Canvas
  • Chicago Bears- Navy Canvas
  • Cincinnati Bengals- Hunters Orange Canvas
  • Cleveland Browns- Brown Canvas
  • Dallas Cowboys- Navy Canvas
  • Denver Broncos- Hunters Orange Canvas
  • Detroit Lions- Natural Canvas
  • Green Bay Packers- Olive Drab Canvas
  • Houston Texans- Navy Canvas
  • Indianapolis Colts- Royal Blue Canvas
  • Jacksonville Jaguars- Khaki Canvas
  • Kansas City Chiefs- Red Canvas
  • Miami Dolphins- Tangerine Canvas
  • Minnesota Vikings- Domer Canvas
  • New England Patriots- Navy Canvas
  • New Orleans Saints- Waxed Canvas
  • New York Giants- Royal Blue Canvas
  • New York Jets- Spruce Canvas
  • Oakland Raiders- Great Lakes Canvas
  • Philadelphia Eagles- Spruce Canvas
  • Pittsburg Steelers- Great Lakes Canvas
  • San Diego Chargers- Navy Canvas
  • San Francisco 49ers- Red Canvas
  • Seattle Seahawks- Navy Canvas
  • St. Louis Rams- Waxed Canvas
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Red Canvas
  • Tennessee Titans- Navy Canvas
  • Washington Redskins- Burgundy Canvas

Step 2: Search the internet for a iron or sew on clothing patch for your favorite NFL team.

Step 3: Be sure the patch is large enough to cover the stitch marks from the Duluth Pack logo (3 inches x 3 inches).

Step 4: Use scissors to carefully cut and remove the stitches below the Duluth Pack logo without damaging the canvas.

Step 5: Follow the instructions on your newly purchased NFL team patch to replace the old Duluth Pack logo with a kick&$@ design to support your favorite football team.

Step 6: Proudly wear your new NFL Tailgate Backpack everywhere.


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