USA’s Top 4 Best Cities for Summer Travel in 2014

1. Portland, OR

With summer averages around 80 degrees you can honestly call it the perfect summer temperature in this northwestern city.  Ideal weather not enough to get you there?  How about top ranked farmers’ markets, hipster cafes, inventive summer drinks, and yes, first-class microbrews.  Portland was named one of the most “active” cities in America this year, so get on with the trend and bike around the city or hike near the waterfalls outside of town.


2. Portland, ME

Portland #2! We see a trend here.  However, this East Coast city is known for something a bit unique.  Did someone say lobster?  These seasonal ocean dwellers are one of the biggest summer lures of New England.  Looking for mellow vibes in between meals?  That's another thing this chill city is known for.  Ocean paddle boarding and strolling the cobblestone streets of the Old Port Exchange are just two of the leisure activities you can partake in.


3. Providence, RI

This southern New England city has a lot to offer up on cool summer nights.  The 20-year-old tradition of lighting up the Rhode Island capital rivers during Waterfire is a sight to be seen all in itself.  But on warm days, head down to Narragansett beaches for some fun in the sun and R.I. staple, Del’s Lemonade.


4. Minneapolis, MN

After long winters, people in Minnesota are practically bursting at the seams to get outside.  Things get especially festive at the State Fair in August and the tournament-filled Aquatennial in July.  The city of Minneapolis is known for putting on some great events like Music & Movies in the Park, the Mill City Farmers Market, and the Uptown Art Festival.  Oh, and bring your Duluth Pack along to fit in flawlessly with the locals!

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