How It's Made: Duluth Pack Wanderer Backpack

Ever wonder how Duluth Pack can offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products?  Well, the video above shows a glimpse of just how much work goes into each and every American handmade bag.  Yeah, some packs may have a crooked stitch here or there, but that's the nature (and beauty) of handmade goods.  Each individual bag has character and is unique in its own way.  Duluth Pack guarantees their bags for life because they truly last forever.

This video shows the Duluth Pack Wanderer Backpack ($220.00, $250.00 if you’re into waxed canvas) being handmade from start to finish in the same Duluth, Minnesota factory that has been cranking out packs since 1911. 

The Wanderer features a roomy buckle-down front pocket, buckle-down side pockets, and rugged leather straps and roller buckles.  The body is constructed of sturdy 15-ounce canvas (16 color options) with cotton webbing shoulder straps.

As you can see, the quality and care that goes into each product Duluth Pack makes is virtually unparalleled.  So, now that you've witnessed Duluth Pack in action, it’s time to go out and get some action of your own.

Purchase the Duluth Pack Wanderer Backpack now.

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