Buying A Weekender Bag

Spring is officially here and warmer weather means weekend trips around the good ol’ US of A.  So pack up that weekend warrior and start your adventure.  Wait what?  You don't have a weekender?  Okay, okay.  We are happy to give you some tips on buying the perfect weekend bag for all your needs.

First, a good weekender is all about relaxed style.  No wheels?  No Problem.  Of course, a weekender is a “few-day” bag like a duffel or oversized backpack but a weekend bag is more about the fabric, ease of access, and length of carry.  So, here’s our simple “yeah!” and “no.” list for buying a great weekender, with our favorite bag of course.

Weekend Warrior Wants:

Access: One test answers this question. Open your bag and look in.  Can you see most of the contents in your bag or do you have to dump everything out to find your brush? Access is key to functionality.  Look for wide openings without complicated zippers and closures.

Simple features: A few pockets for toiletries and other small items, a comfortable should strap, and a bottom that can take a beating.  That's all a great weekender really needs in terms of components.

Style: This is a tricky one.  Almost anyone can pull off a canvas weekender but some may choose to go for full leather.  We suggest a rugged, non-technical fabric like waxed canvas with leather trim and bottom.  Avoid synthetics (We avoid them at all costs on District Grain) weekenders are all about a relaxed style, not airport tech.

Weekend Warrior No-No’s:

Ridged Hardware: Catchy zippers that clang together with every step you take, yeah, avoid that.  Make sure all your hardware works smoothly and you don't sound like you’re riding in Santa’s sleigh.

Capacity: Your weekender should expand to handle everything from an overnight trip to a weeklong vacation.  If your weekender can’t adjust to fit your needs, or that little trinket you picked up in Nashville, than you’re going to get fed up and find your way back to traditional luggage.

Quick Agers: Some types of leather scratch easily and some light canvases attract dirt like you can’t even imagine.  Your weekender should last for years, if not a decade, so you can build memories into its patina.  Make sure you purchase a weekender that will get better with age, not worse.  Tip: read reviews!

Great Weekender Option:


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