Golden Rules Of Travel

There are rules to live by and rules to travel by.  Yes, they overlap but in this post we will be listing the 27 golden rules of travel; the dos, don’ts, and heck yeahs of leaving your comfort zone behind and diving into a new adventure. 

So, without any further ado, here are our 27 rules for travel.  Follow them to help navigate this new unknown world with fewer mistakes and quicken the pace in which you can immerse yourself in local culture.

  1. Bring a no-fee ATM card
  2. Keep an open, adventurous mind
  3. Get a rewards credit card
  4. Bring a backup ATM card, credit card, etc.
  5. Travel alone (At least once)
  6. Join a frequent flier program
  7. Learn common phrases
  8. Stay in hostels and meet fellow travelers
  9. Use tourist boards
  10. Couch-surf
  11. Try new foods/drinks
  12. Be flexible with your plans
  13. Pack light
  14. Take extra money
  15. Say yes to as much as possible
  16. Get an international phone
  17. Remember to call home
  18. Travel slow
  19. Live somewhere once
  20. Write in a journal
  21. Bring your own water bottle
  22. Buy travel insurance
  23. Bring basic first-aid
  24. Duct tape, it comes in handy more than you’d think
  25. Get off the beaten path
  26. Take photos of your travel friends
  27. Ignore all our tips and let your adventure guide you

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