Use Your Senses To Stay Adventurous

Here is the way vacation works.  We leave our comfort zone behind to experience new things, new people, and new ways.  We enjoy our time away from daily routines; we smile and laugh.  Because of this, we tend to be more adventurous while traveling or on vacation.  How many of you have vowed to bring this feeling home, to live life with a carefree attitude and a sense of adventure?  We have, but before long we all fall back into our old patterns and routines.  Now, you're stuck waiting for your next vacation to continue your adventure.

This blog consists of 5 tips, as simple as the human senses, to stay adventurous.  You don't need to leave your job or uproot your whole life.  You just need 5 things to start, things you were born with.  It’s time to begin experiencing life using your five senses.

1)   Taste a Local Dish – On vacation we always have the opportunity to sample local cuisine.  From foie gras in France to moussaka in Greece, even the pickiest eaters will have these foods slipped onto their plate and usually into their heart.  Why stop experiencing new foods when home?  Incorporate new cuisine into your diet.  Attempt to make or order new foods and you’ll savor your experience long after your trip has ended.

2)   Listen to Traditional Music – Hearing new rhythms, instruments, and sounds is one of the most enjoyable parts of vacation.  Every culture seems to have its own pulse and it often reflects the history of its people.  Buy a CD from a local musician or use Spotify’s browse feature to find international styles of music that are new and interesting to you. 

3)   Touch the Weather – The third sense on our list is touch or in our case feel.  On vacation, we feel the cool breeze, the warm rays of the sun, and the soft beating of rain.  At home, we complain about said weather instead of focusing on the beauty of it.  Dancing in the rain as a child on a warm spring day is one of the most memorable times of life.  Really feeling the weather is magical and a great way to seal an experience in your memory for a lifetime.

4)   See Culture – While traveling, we might watch a unique native dance or view a mountain range that seems to continue forever.  We also see familiar sights no matter where we go in the world, like the sun.  Think back to your last vacation, did you watch a sunrise or sunset?  These moments are celebrated on vacation but during our daily lives are reduced to an everyday event.  It’s time to change that.  Take time to watch the sunrise or sunset once a week.   You’ll be surprised how it changes your mood for the better.

5)   Smell Familiar Scents  - Do you know smell is the second most powerful sense when conjuring up memories?  Yet, how many smells do you actually remember day-to-day?  We bet smells of food and flowers from your last trip stick with you for far longer.  Try to focus on adding not only sight but also smell to your normal routine.  “Stop and smell the roses”, not only on your next vacation.

Spending a little extra time focusing on your five senses can change how you experience everyday life.  We all seem to enjoy our senses while on vacation, but this time, try not to forget them when you return.  Make using your five senses an important change and keep the focus on living your life with an adventurous wonder.  You’ll find that adventures await you on your path through life, like you've never experienced before.

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