10 Pre-Travel Planning Tips

Like many things in life, stress-free travel stems from proper planning.  With the 5 P’s in mind (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance), you can head on your trip ready for a relaxing vacation without worrying about if your left the garage door open.  Below are 10 tried and tested tips to prepare for that work trip or amazing getaway.

  1. Delegate

Success typically comes from passing along to someone else that which you yourself need not do.  Can your husband book the hotels?  Can your coworker pick the meeting locations?  Can your sister plan the dinner reservations?  If you’d like to take charge and plan everything yourself, try an errand service to help, like TaskRabbit.com.

  1. Make a trip folder

Immediately after booking your trip, print your itinerary and make a “Trip Folder”.  Add anything you will need including phone numbers, directions, and other information.  It may seem time consuming now but this step can save you from panic in the future.

  1. Set up house care

Will you need a house sitter, babysitters, pet sitters, plant waterers, someone to pick up the newspaper?  Make these arrangements sooner rather that later.  You don’t want to risk not being able to find someone to take care of Fido the night before you travel.

  1. Prescriptions and toiletries

This seems to always be a last minute errand, that shouldn't be.  Take care of refills and TSA-approved travel toiletries a week in advance.  Doing this gives you time to double/triple check yourself before you’re off.  We know too many people who have ran out of a medicine mid-trip.  This is NOT an ideal situation.

  1. Take your vitamins and sleep….ZzZzZ

The days before you travel should be filled with restful nights sleep and vitamin C.  Don't stay up all night packing (packing should always be done in advance).  Load up on fizzy Vitamin C drink packets and you’ll thank yourself when you return from your trip heathly.

  1. Use your calendar

Schedule prep time in the days leading up to your trip.  Block off time on your calendar to run errands, pack, and finalize plans.

  1. 3 days before: PACK

We repeat, do not leave packing until the night before.  Something always gets left behind.  Also use this time to catch up on your laundry.   You leave with two loads; you’ll come home to 6.  Guaranteed.

  1. 2 days before: Empty mailboxes (e-mail too)

Check your mail, pay your bills, and reply to unread emails.

  1. 1 day before: Clean the house, check-in, and charge your electronics

Don't need to clean?  At least tidy up.  Check-in for your flight and plug all your electronics in over night.

  1. The day of: Secure the house and RELAX

Check the house for potential hazards, grab your stuff, and lock up.  Now it’s finally time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your adventure, whatever it may be.

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