How To: Leather Care Guide

Of all the items in our closet, you probably rely the most on your leather essentials.  Your District Grain bags fall into this category, of course, but don't forget about your jackets, belts and boots.  They are your most depended on items, so we figure you might be interested in ways to extend the life of these central pieces.  With the right leather care products in hand you can do it right at home without spending a fortune.  Below we list some foolproof tips and tricks for how to protect, clean, and store your leather in our How To: Leather Care Guide.


Before you use your new bag, or any leather for that matter, apply a protectant to shield the leather from possible dirt stains.  Lexol Water and Stain Protector is an affordable product that works to prevent stains from penetrating the material.

  1. Test Your Protector – We aren’t testing for effectiveness of the protector, but more for possible discoloration of the leather.  Testing a small amount on the inside leather can prevent ruining your bag.
  2. Applying Your Protector- Use a rag and apply the protector evenly to the entire surface.  Wipe off a couple minutes later.

Clean and Condition:

Leather can last a lifetime of use, but it is not stain resistant.  Below we offer two products to help get rid of stains and maintain the quality of the leather.

  1. All-In-One Cleaner – Helps get rid of most stains and hydrates the leather for a softer feel. Don't forget to run a test before using.  Once approved, apply to the entire surface with a damp rag.
  2. Mild Detergent - Woolite Everyday Laundry Detergent helps break down surface stains.   It may not get rid of the entire stain, but it will lighten/blend the stain for a less abrasive look.  Use a damp cloth, rub the detergent into the stain (not the entire surface) and wait a bit before wiping clean.


Yes, it’s heart-breaking news but your leather can be damaged while sitting in the back of your closet.  Follow the below two steps before storing your favorite pieces away for summer.

  1. Condition - Before storage, massage Meltonian’s Delicate Cream (the best) into the leather.  This helps to condition and soften the fabric. (Note: the leather will darken at first, but returns to its natural color after a few minutes.)
  2. Cloth Storage Bags - Maybe not the most important tip of all but something most people don't know; plastic bags cause leather to dry quicker.  Ipso facto, never use plastic bags when storing leather.  Use cloth storage bags instead.

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