Duluth Pack and Faribault Woolen Mills Collaboration

When you think of Minnesota, what comes to mind?  Lake Superior?  Cold winters?  Rough terrain?  Minnesota has always been called an outdoorsman’s paradise yet the demands of the rugged topography require stuff to be built to last.

Many prominent brands have been crafted in Minnesota, most likely because the mix of beauty and utility fosters undeniable creativity.  Two of these esteemed brands joined forces to handcraft a line of wool bags, giving us the Duluth Pack and Faribault Mills collaboration.

The partnership of these companies is unparalleled.  When you think about it, combined these companies have been in business for over 281 years.  Duluth Pack has been making classic outdoor gear in Duluth since 1882.  World famous for their lifetime guaranteed scout packs and canoe packs, Duluth Pack has been outfitting adventurers, outdoorsman and hipsters for well over a century.  Faribault Mills has been creating wool blankets and wearable wool in the same Faribault factory since 1865.

Together, Duluth Pack and Faribault Mill have created the Foot Solider Series and the Trapper Series.  The wool handcrafted into the Foot Soldier Series is made to military specs that have been maintained since WWI.  “A rugged and relentless fabric, US soldiers have praised its ability to perform in the field under the harshest of conditions and last the test of time,” says Faribault Mills.  The Trapper Series is recognized by its distinctive triple striped pattern and light, inviting colors.

This collaboration encompasses Duluth Pack bag designs including the scout pack, market tote, sportsman’s duffel, and shell bag.

Bags created to last from a partnership destined to succeed.

Duluth Pack and Faribault Mills Collaboration

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