6 Last Minute Thanksgiving Travel Tips

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Turkey Day snuck up on you?  Us too!  If you feel completely unprepared for the trip to Grandma’s house, you’re not alone.  To make the process a little less hectic, here are 6 tips to help you prepare for last minute travel.

One. Pack Light It seems like a no-brainer but you don't need to over pack on this particular holiday.  Thanksgiving is more about spending time with family and friends and less about your fashion sense.  Leave the 5 extra pairs of shoes behind and focus on what’s really important!

Two. Give Yourself Time
 Thanks giving eve is the worst traffic day whether you are flying or driving to your destination, so make sure you give yourself adequate time to get where you are going.  If you have to travel today or tomorrow, it’s a good idea to give yourself 2-4 extra hours of travel time than you normally would, depending on the length of the trip.

Three. Use Your Smartphone The Travel Channel provides a comprehensive list of travel apps that will help make your trip as smooth as possible.  Fact: These aren’t just useful for holiday travel, use them and use them always.

Four. Learn Alternate Routes Taking 5 minutes before you leave to find alternative routes of travel may save you hours of time and frustration.  More car accidents happen on Thanksgiving than any other time of the year due to alcohol, icy roads and extra traffic.  Plan ahead and please, drive safe!

Five. Plan, Plan, Plan There’s really no better way to reduce stress than to organize yourself and your family for the trip ahead.  Make lists, using one of our previously blogged packing apps and you will be good to go!

Six. BE THANKFUL Remember, Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, appreciation, and love.  Don't let traveling ruin your mood.  Just follow these steps to ensure a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

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