Travel Tip: The Ideal In-Flight Dopp Kit


  1. Floto Parma Travel Kit Handcrafted in the highest caliber Italian calfskin leather and tumbled in a special cognac vegetable dye. Tough and small, fits perfect in tight spaces; $99,

  2. Yves Saint Laurent 
L'Homme Deodorant Fresh woody fragrance to leave you smelling crisp; $22,

  3. Tom Ford Noir Cologne For the refined, urbane sophisticate. Subtle, to not annoy others in the cabin; $90,

  4. Shiseido Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ For Face/Body Wear sunscreen, always; $39,

  5. Pro White Teeth Travel Whitening Pen A cup of coffee or a glass of red wine can stain your pearly whites.  Carry along a travel whitening pen to instantaneously fix the problem; $29.95,

  6. Anthony Logistics For Men
 Glycolic Facial Cleanser Fact: No one likes a shiny face. Rinse off before you leave the airport; $8, 

  7. Jack Black 
Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 A must in arid cabins. No shine, absorbs quickly; $7.50,

  8. Hello Breath Spray Dehydration can cause terrible breath. Stay hydrated and spritz some Hello Breath Spray before you arrive at your destination; $4.99,

  9. Air Repair Rescue Balm Arid conditions leave skin dry and flaky. Use a dab of rescue balm to protect your skin from outside elements
; $10,

  10. Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer A lot of germs travel to and fro on planes and in airports. Stay 99.9% germ free; $22 for six 1-oz bottles,

  11. American Crew Forming Cream Medium Hold and Medium Shine 1.75oz Small and compact, this forming cream will restyle your hair with minimal effort; $15,

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